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Touraine Amboise

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This appellation produces mostly red wine from Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Gamay. Whites range from dry and lean to honeyed sweet wines.



Location: Located upstream from Tours, this appellation coves six communes on the right bank of the Loire and three on the left bank.

Surface Area:

  • 220 hectares / 544 acres

Soil: A combination of flinty clay and clay limestone enables the soil to warm easily and provide excellent water retention at the vine roots.

Climate: Located in the center of the Loire, this appellation experiences both maritime/oceanic and continental climate influences.



Annual Production:

  • 9,000 hl / 237,755 gallons, 60% red, 30% rosé, 10% white


  • 55 hl/ha red and rosé (translate to gallons/acres?)
  • 60 hl/ha white

Grape Varieties:

  • Red: Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Malbec
  • White: Chenin Blanc

Growing/Production Practices: Density 6,600 vines/hectare.


Tasting Notes


  • Appearance: Bright, pale straw yellow
  • Nose: Aromas of fresh fruit and honey
  • Flavors: Medium-bodied with flavors of quince and honey, especially when off-dry or sweet.


  • Appearance: Deep garnet
  • Nose: Notes of black berries and plum
  • Flavors: Full-bodied with silky tannins and elegant brambly fruit.


  • Appearance: Pale pink
  • Nose: Strawberry, cherry and gooseberry
  • Flavors: Fresh and fruity with lively acidity


Food Pairings

  • White and rosé Touraine Amboise complement a wide variety of dishes, from light pork and chicken to chopped Greek salad.
  • Pair red Touraine Amboise, most notably the Cuvée Francois I, with barbeque chicken and pulled pork sandwiches.