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This small appellation is celebrated for its distinctive white wines, the best of which have the ability to age and improve for decades.



Location: On the south side of Angers on the right bank of the Loire, this AOC includes two denominations: La Roche-aux-Moines and La Coulée-de-Serran

Surface Area: 145 hectares / 358 acres

  • Savennières Roche-aux-Monies: 33 hectares / 81 acres
  • Savennières-Coulée-de-Serrant: 7 hectares / 17 acres

Soil: Savennières lies on exposed slopes close to the Loire. Its shallow soil comprises sandstone schist, volcanic rock (rhyolite) and aeolain sand.

Climate: As many storms seem to strike the left bank of Loire, this region is often protected from storms, especially near harvest. Its maritime/oceanic climate supports production of dry white wines.



Annual Production:

  • Approximately 4,500 hl / 118,877 gallons


  • 50 hl/ha (translate to gallons/acres?)
  • 40 hl/ha demi-sec and sparkling wines (made in very small quantities)

Grape Varieties:

  • Chenin Blanc

Growing/Production Practices: Density 4,500-5,000 vines/hectare. Double 2×3 eye Guyot pruning of 3×2 eye Gobelet pruning are used. Grapes are hand harvested, typically with successive sorting of grapes that have fully matured.


Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Deep straw yellow with green reflections, developing into gold with maturity
  • Nose: Intense, with notes of pineapple, pear, hone and minerals.
  • Flavors: Full-bodied with a mineral freshness. Nuttiness, candied fruit and spice often emerge with maturity.


Food Pairings

  • As a medium-to-full bodied, dry white wine, Savennières complements a wide variety of dishes:
  • Chicken with Red Thai Curry
  • Grilled sea bass in a beurre blanc.
  • Zucchini Blossom Fritters