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Best known for producing refreshing Sauvignon Blanc in a style similar to its better-known neighbor Sancerre, Reuilly also makes equally appealing reds and rosés.


Location: Reuilly is located southeast of Bourges in two departments; Indre and Cher. The production area includes communes Reuilly and Diou in Indre and Cerbois, Lury-sur Arnon, Chéry, Lazenay and Preuilly in Cher.

Surface Area:

  • 200 hectares / 494 acres

Soil: The vines are planted on gentle slopes of Turonian chalk limestone and on high sand and gravel terraces.

Climate: The temperate climate has a pronounced continental influence, with a wide temperature range. Frost, though rare, is a concern in spring. With average rainfall of 700mm per year, Reuilly is one of the driest and hottest vineyards in the Central Loire and so harvest begins first in this appellation every year. 



Annual Production: 
  • White: 4,800 hl / 126,803 gallons
  • Red: 3,100 hl / 81,893 gallons
  • Rosé: 600 hl / 15,850 gallons
  • 65 hl/ha white (translate to gallons/acres?)
  • 63 hl/ha rosé (made in very small quantities)
  • 59 hl/ha red
Grape Varieties: Chenin Blanc
  • White: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Red: Pinot Noir
  • Rosé: Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
Growing/Production Practices: Minimum density 5,600 vines/hectare. Simple 8-eye Guyot or double Guyot pruning are used. 

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Bright, pale straw yellow 
  • Nose: Intense aromas of citrus fruit, minerals and grassiness
  • Flavors: Refreshing and dry with fresh fruit and mineral notes and its hallmark crisp acidity
  • Appearance: Garnet or ruby red 
  • Nose: Notes of cherry and limestone
  • Flavors: Light to medium bodied with brambly fruit and cherry flavors, refreshing acidity and softer tannins. 
  • Appearance: Pale salmon pink
  • Nose: Strawberry, herbaceous notes
  • Flavors: Fresh and fruity with lively acidity.  

Food Pairings

  • Fried fish sandwich with jalapeno-tomato relish
  • Grilled vegetable pasta with cumin
  • Shrimp and Boston lettuce salad with mint & garlic dressing