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Appellation Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly-sur-Loire

Pouilly Fumé’s smoky “gunflint” aroma is its trademark, especially notable in wines grown on limestone soils. Unlike Sancerre, its neighbor on the left bank of the Loire, Pouilly Fumé is dedicated exclusively to the production of white wine, growing Sauvignon Blanc and Chasselas.


Location: 8 communes comprise the appellation, which is located on the right bank of the Loire in the Nièvre department.

Surface Area: 
  • Pouilly FumĂ©: 1,200 hectares / 2,965 acres
  • Pouilly-sur-Loire: 40 hectares / 99 acres

Soil: Several types of soil are found here: limestone (aka “caillottes”) on the east and west sides of the vineyard, Kimmerdigin limestone with oyster traces (“marne à huitre”) and limestone-clay and siliceous clay.

Climate: Temperate with a continental tendency. Rainfall averages 24-31 inches per year. 



Annual Production: 
  • Pouilly FumĂ©: 70,400 hl / 1,859,771 gallons
  • Pouilly-sur-Loire: 2,000 hl / 52,834 gallons
  • 65 hl/ha
Grape Varieties: 
  • Pouilly FumĂ©: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pouilly-sur-Loire: Chasselas
Growing/Production Practices: Density 7,500 vines/hectare. Vines trained on low trellises with simple Guyot pruning.

Tasting Notes

Pouilly Fumé:
  • Appearance: Pale straw yellow 
  • Nose: Intense aromas of grapefruit and white flowers
  • Flavors: Light-to-medium-bodied with crisp acidity, bright citrus flavors and flinty minerality 
  • Appearance: Pale straw yellow 
  • Nose: Pleasant, soft fruit notes.
  • Flavors: Light-to-medium-bodied and easy drinking, typically with a lower alcohol than Pouilly FumĂ©.  
Food Pairings
  • Pair Pouilly FumĂ© with everything from grilled fish to scallops to roast pork, even Edam cheese is an easy complement to this versatile wine. 
  • Try Pouilly-sur-Loire with fried shrimp, charcuterie and simple pasta salads.