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Appellations Orléans/Orléans-Cleary

Pinot Meunier, better known as one of the trio of grapes used for Champagne, predominates in Orleans. AOC OrlĂ©ans makes fine light-bodied reds and whites, while AOC OrlĂ©ans-Clery produces Cabernet Franc-based wines with deeper color and greater heft. 


Location: This region extends on both sides of the Loire River. The Sologne forest is its southern border, while the Beauce planteau and ponds of Dry and Lailly demarcate its northern and western edges. AOC Orléans covers thirteen communes and AOC Orléans-Cleary extends over five communes. While few vineyards remain on the right [south?] bank, six communes (Olivet, St. Hilaire, St. Mesmin, Mareau aux Prés, MéziÚres les Cléry, and Cléry St André) on the left bank comprise 95% of the vineyards.

Surface Area:

  • 131 hectares / 324 acres

Soil: The south bank features ancient sand-gravel terraces, while on the northern side the soils are primarily siliceous clay. 

Climate: The region has both maritime and continental influences, with average rainfall throughout the year.



Annual Production: 
  • OrlĂ©ans: 4,380 hl / 115,707 gallons
  • OrlĂ©ans-ClĂ©ry: 1,441 hl / 38,067 gallons
  • 60 hl/ha white
  • 55 hl/ha red and rosĂ©
Grape Varieties: 
  • White: Chardonnay (aka Auvernat Blanc), Pinot Gris
  • Red and RosĂ©: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir (aka Auvernat Noir), Cabernet Franc
Growing/Production Practices: Density 5,000 vines/hectare with maximum 8 bud simple Guyot pruning and mandatory 2 meter spacing between rows. 

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Pale straw yellow 
  • Nose: Pleasant notes of fresh, ripe apple and citrus fruits
  • Flavors: Fruity and medium-bodied, with moderate acidity
  • Appearance: Ruby red or garnet
  • Nose: Ripe red cherry and plum, while Cabernet Franc-based wines have a distinct spiciness
  • Flavors: Medium-bodied with supple mouth feel, dark fruit and spice notes 
  • Appearance: Pale salmon pink 
  • Nose: Fresh aromas of peach and nectarine
  • Flavors: Light-bodied with refreshing tart fruit 

Food Pairings

  • Pair white OrlĂ©ans with Chicken Caesar Salad or Tomato and Zucchini Frittata
  • Red and rosĂ© pair well with Poached Salmon or Grilled Chicken Breast with SautĂ©ed Mushrooms