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Coteaux du Giennois

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This appellation on the eastern edge of the Loire Valley northeast of Sancerre produces almost equal amounts of light-bodied red and white wines, with a small portion of dry rosé as well.


Location:This appellation extends through Loiret and Nièvre, through the communes of Beaulieu, Thou, Bonny, Alligny, Gien, La Celle sur Loire, Briare, Cosne-sur-Loire, Ousson, Myennes, Neuvy, Pugny, Saint-Loup, and Saint Père.

Surface Area:

  • White: 95 hectares / 235 acres
  • Red: 78 hectares / 193 acres
  • Rosé: 20 hectares / 49 acres

Soil: The vines are planted on silica or limestone soil There are also old Loire terraces at Gien and extensions of mainly Sancerre limestone geological formations to the east of the Cosne fault, and silica to the west, with tertiary flint deposits.

Climate: A temperate climate with a continental influence, this appellation is often at risk for spring frosts. The average yearly temperature is comparable to that of Sancerre. Average annual rainfall is 850 mm (33.5 inches), the highest in the Centre-Loire, but not excessive.


Annual Production:

  • White: 2,900 hl / 76,610 gallons
  • Red: 3,200 hl / 84,535 gallons
  • Rosé: 600 hl / 15,850 gallons


  • 65 hl/ha white
  • 59 hl/ha red
  • 63 hl/ha rosé

Grape Varieties:

  • White: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Red and Rosé: Pinot Noir, Gamay (80% maximum of either variety in a blend)

Growing/Production Practices: Minimum planting density 5,700 vines/hectare with Cord pruning with a single or double frame.

Tasting Notes


  • Appearance: Pale straw yellow
  • Nose: A distinct minerality coupled with white flower and quince notes
  • Flavors: Light-bodied, with bright citrus fruit, minerality and crisp acidity


  • Appearance: Ruby red
  • Nose: Ripe red cherry, black berries and plum with delicate peppery notes
  • Flavors: Medium-bodied with supple mouth feel and black fruit notes


  • Appearance: Pale salmon pink
  • Nose: Fresh aromas of peach and nectarine
  • Flavors: Light-bodied with refreshing tart fruit

Food Pairings

  • Pair white Coteaux du Giennois with Asparagus with Goat Cheese Sauce or Agnolotti with Sweet Peas
  • Rosé makes a great accompaniment to Dandelion Greens Salad with Lardons or Thai Spare Ribs
  • Try red Coteaux du Giennois with Rice Noodles with Barbequed Duck Confit or Mixed Mushroom Stroganoff