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Coteaux d’Ancenis

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This small region centered on the historic town Ancenis primarily produces refreshing rosé and light-bodied red wines. The region embraces this historic name Malvoisie for the aromatic white wines it produces from Pinot Gris grapes.


Location: The Coteaux d’Ancenis is located on both sides of the Loire east of Nantes, covering a dozen communes in the Loire-Atlantique and Maine et Loire departments.

Surface Area:

  • 220 hectares / 544 acres

Soil: Like much of the Nantes region, the soil is predominately mica schist and greenstone.

Climate: A temperate, maritime climate, Coteaux d’Ancenis gets significantly less rainfall than most of the vineyards in Nantes.


Annual Production:

  • 16,000 hl / 422,675 gallons


  • 60 hl/ha red
  • 65 hl/ha white and rosĂ©

Grape Varieties:

  • Red and RosĂ©: Gamay, Cabernet Franc
  • White: Pinot Gris (aka Malvoisie)
  • Growing/Production Practices: Approximate density 7,000 vines/hectare with single Guyot pruning.

Tasting Notes


  • Appearance: Pale straw yellow
  • Nose: Refreshing ripe fruit notes
  • Flavors: Medium-bodied with soft fruit and floral flavors; some whites are made in a medium-sweet style


  • Appearance: Pale ruby red
  • Nose: Notes of cherry and red berries
  • Flavors: Light to medium bodied with brambly fruit and cherry flavors and moderate tannins.


  • Appearance: Pale pink
  • Nose: Strawberry, red berry notes
  • Flavors: Fresh and fruity with lively acidity.

Food Pairings

  • Medium-sweet whites are excellent partners for fried hors d’oeuvres as well as fruity desserts.
  • Pair red and rosĂ© Coteaux d’Ancensis with turkey burgers, seared duck breast with blood orange and star anise or chilled red pepper soup.